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About Us

N-2 Deep Sistas MC (“N2DSMC”) is an all female motorcycle club founded in 2005 by Storm, our President. We are affectionately known as them Sexy Sistas. N2DSMC is a group of diverse women akin to hard work. We are daughters, mothers, aunts, friends and sisters founded on the principle of bringing women together who share a passion for the sport of motorcycle riding, a commitment to sisterhood and the belief that being a lady is of the utmost importance.

We are deeply rooted in the enrichment of our communities and support other motorcycle clubs with similar goals and interests. Likewise, we are devoted to activities that lend themselves to bridging the gaps to strengthen comraderie amongst both male and females alike within the motorcycle community. N-2 Deep Sistas MC is a Non-Profit organization.

Children are the light of our futures which is why we mentor youth to increase positive self-images through serving as role models in the communities we reside in. Our commitment spans our community's youth and the less fortunate in the Washington Metropolitan Area. With one hope…making a difference.

Each year, N2DSMC sponsors or partners with various charitable organizations to provide activities such as back to school fairs, feeding the homeless, serving as mentors for troubled teens and toy drives. N-2 Deep Sistas MC is a Non-Profit organization.